Saturday, 30 August 2014

What's next...

If you have read the posts below about my previous books I hope that they have been of some interest and not too self indulgent.

At this stage I am basically up to date and continue to work on future projects. I am about a third of the way through my work on the psalms and continue to edge towards completion. I will perhaps post a work in progress at some point soon.

I have also been spending every other spare moment working on a poetic interpretation of Ecclesiastes. This is something I have been holding back on because it was something I was looking forward to do. Sometimes I hear a piece of music and it just strikes a chord with my soul in a certain way. One particular example is Fratres by Arvo Part. It just resonates with me. And since I was a teenager Ecclesiastes has done the same sort of thing. As time has gone by I heard that other people held a special connection with Ecclesiastes. I don't know if it is the realness of it or the bitter rantyness of it compared to other books in the bible. I hope to tap into some of that with my version. Again, I may post something up soon but expect it to be ready sometime in the autumn.

But until then...

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