Thursday, 12 February 2015

Praying the Psalms as Poems | Book 1

I have a new book out based on the first book in the collection of The Psalms. I will be working on 4 more books to correspond with the other 4 books that complete The Psalms, releasing them as they are ready through Amazon and Noisetrade. Book One is available from Kindle Store and Noisetrade now... more information below.

I am also nearing completion on my poetic interpretations of Ecclesiastes and will post more about that soon but until then check out Praying The Psalms as Poems - Book One.

For me, reading The Psalms always felt a bit like trying to understand Shakespeare. I knew that both Shakespeare’s plays and The Psalms were supposed to be amazing and rich and poetic, but beyond the most well-known and accessible passages I just didn’t get them. 

Over the years I have tried to read The Psalms as daily devotions or bible studies, but each attempt ends with me struggling to relate to them as prayers that mean something to me and I give up. Recently I have felt challenged once again about using The Psalms in prayer, just as we see Jesus using them in his prayers in the New Testament. In the same way, I want them to be central to me in my prayer life. 

So this is my attempt to know The Psalms in a way that makes sense to me. That in working with the texts and translating them into poems, their words would give voice to the cries of my heart and the yearnings of my soul. In working with the five books that complete The Psalms, I hope that in putting these versions out there, others my may find a fresh insight into The Psalms and into prayer.